aluplast launches flush door

aluplast has launched a flush door to suite perfectly with its flush casement window, allowing fabricators and installers to target higher value projects where a uniform appearance is desired.

Like aluplast’s flush casement, the new flush door suites perfectly with the systems company’s Ideal 70 and Ideal 4000 profiles. This opens-up opportunities in both the heritage and contemporary sectors by providing a uniform flush appearance across both windows and doors, while minimising stockholding for fabricators.

Alu Flush Door

The flush door is also fully PAS24-accredited in both single and double open-out configurations.

“With our new flush door, fabricators can make flush French Doors and open-out flush entrance doors that suite with the flush windows in the rest of the house,” aluplast’s Sales and Marketing Director Ian Cocken said.

“These can be made using the Ideal 70 fully sculptured system for a timeless heritage feel, or they could be made using the Ideal 4000 SquareLine profile, which creates an ultra-modern look.

“Most other suppliers don’t have a flush door option, and their customers are limited to storm casements, which affects the overall look of the building.”

Colour Consistency

Cocken also explained that sourcing flush windows and doors from the same supplier has a positive effect on the colour choice.

“If a window company chooses to buy the French Door from a different supplier to the window, the colours across two ranges could be inconsistent,” he said. “We know how important colour is right now because we have picked up a significant amount of business from fabricators who have been unable to maintain a reliable supply of coloured profile from their previous supplier.”

The vast majority of aluplast’s flush casement orders include colour, and with a range of 40 different finishes, including the next generation woodec and aludec foils, aluplast has invested significantly in its foil offer. This has allowed it to maintain a strong supply of its most popular stock colours, with foiled product accounting for as much as 50% of total order volume.

Recyclable and Sustainable

aluplast’s Flush Door has a five-chamber design that can achieve U-values as low as 1.2W/m2K, and is manufactured using ecotech, which maximises the amount of recycled content in a profile’s design, without affecting performance.

ecotech uses a ‘dual-extrusion’ process that uses two extruders in parallel to push recycled and virgin polymer through the profile die at the same time. This ensures that recycled material is only used in the internal webbing, remaining isolated from the external wall, with virgin polymer used to provide the external wall of the profile.

“We know that while volume orders are starting to decline, demand for high-value products continues to increase,” Cocken said. “By offering a flexibility and uniformity across windows and doors, in both heritage and contemporary styles, and in a wide colour choice, we are helping our customers maintain business levels during a difficult trading period.”

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