aludec and woodec

Rethink what you thought you knew about PVC-U window and door foils

aludec and woodec deliver a step change in the application of PVC-U colour finishing options.

We’ve expanded our colour offer so you can keep pace in a rapidly growing market.

aludec and woodec bring a new realism to PVCu window and door finishing options. Part of a new generation of PVC foils, they accurately replicate not only the appearance – but also the touch and feel of aluminium and timber products. Could you tell the difference?

With our standard foil ranges, we can offer your customers a choice of more than 40 different colour and finish options, including our most popular standard foils from stock. This includes Anthracite Grey on white, Anthracite Grey both sides on a grey substrate and smooth options, plus a wide range of custom colours.

Woodec. The warmth of timber without the maintenance.

Woodec is another next generation foil that is designed to replicate both the aesthetics and feel of timber, delivering all the practical advantages of a PVC-U window, while at the same time, the quality of its grain means that it is indistinguishable from the real thing.

Available in three variations, Turner Oak Malt, Sheffield Oak and Sheffield Oak Concrete, woodec is available across aluplast’s Ideal 4000 and Ideal 70 systems, Flush Casement Sash, Smart-Slide and Lift and Slide patio.

Turner Oak Malt

Turner Oak Toffee

Sheffield Oak Alpine

Sheffield Oak Concrete

The appearance of aluminium at a fraction of the cost

aludec delivers a step-change in PVC-U foiling technology, more accurately replicating not only the appearance but the touch of aluminium, including textured and smooth options.

Simpler and more cost effective to manufacture, and matched-into the most popular aluminium colour options, aludec, delivers a unique sales platform to fabricators and installers.

Choose from seven aluminium-effect finishes:

Anthracite Grey

Jet Black

aldudec DB703

Basalt Grey

Umbra Grey

Window Grey

aludec Traffic White

Did you know that aluplast produces more than 90,000m of foiled product every day?

We use the latest CNC foiling technology, which means that we have dramatically reduced the time it takes to process product, lowering cost while driving up quality – savings we pass on directly to our customers.

How much could switching to aluplast on foiled products save you?

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Standard foil colours

ap23 golden oak

ap33 palisander

ap40 anthracite grey

ap50 cream

ap56 rosewood

ap60 anthracite grey sanded

Smart-Slide. The next generation patio door

Available in aludec and woodec foils, the NEW premium aluminium and natural timber effect finishes from aluplast.

aluplast flush casement and flush door

Versatile. Modern. Traditional.