Meet aluplast’s new technical team

aluplast strengthened its technical team at the end of 2023 with the appointment of three highly experienced individuals, in a move that will support both new and existing customers.

Graham Colls, Head of Technical Applications and Operations

Graham Colls (Head of Technical Applications and Operations), Andy Stafford (External Technical Applications Engineer), and Andrew Ballinger (Product Application Support Engineer), are on hand to support customers on a wide range of issues, including switching over to aluplast from other systems, providing technical advice to architects and specifiers, and designing and testing products so they comply with Building Regulations.

With more than 100 years of window and door experience between them – having worked for fabricators, installers and other window companies – the three engineers have already built up strong relationships with customers.

Part of Graham Colls’ remit is supporting customers with new product development.

“One of the biggest changes I’ve seen over the 40 years I’ve worked in the industry is the degree of professionalism that customers now expect,” he said. “And that includes end users, installers and fabricators.

“They expect to see professionalism in terms of certification, proven testing, and the general way that products are presented to the customer. The whole subject can be quite complex and we need to guide and to steer our customers through those processes.”

Andrew Stafford spends much of his on site with customers.

Andrew Stafford, External Technical Applications Engineer

“I’ve found that customers value technical support very highly,” he said. “For example, if a new product is introduced, then they need to know the nuts and bolts of how the different elements fit together.

“Also, the machinery needs setting up, and training needs to be given to the fabricator.

“When it comes to helping a fabricator move over to the aluplast system, we can offer a very comprehensive support system internally and externally. We try to give them as much help and assistance as we can to make the transition very, very smooth. For example, we start by providing an audit, so they know what to expect, and there aren’t any unknowns.”

Among other responsibilities, Andrew Ballinger is tasked with supporting customers with technical drawings, technical manuals, BFRC ratings, thermal simulations, and wind loadings.

Andrew Ballinger, Product Application Support Engineer

Andrew also provides architects with the correct technical information during the design process, which creates leads for aluplast customers as projects are put out to tender.

“Also, the need for thermal simulations is on the rise again,” Andrew said. “We can help our customers prove they manufacture some of the best thermally rated windows and doors by supporting them through the testing process.

“I’ve been at aluplast since November, and already I’m loving it. I enjoy the day-to-day challenges, it is a great product and we all get on well as a team.”

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