Sustainable focus for aluplast at FIT Show 2025

aluplast has signed up to FIT Show 2025, in a move that supports its new product development programme for the next 12 months, including new systems and new foils and finishes.

The Tewkesbury-based systems company has booked a large 186m2 stand close to the entrance of Hall 8, where it will display new thermally efficient windows and doors, alongside a significant expansion to its foil offering, including woodec and aludec which closely replicate the look and feel of timber and aluminium respectively. 

“aluplast had a very strong presence at this year’s Fensterbau in Germany,” aluplast’s Director of Sales and Marketing Ian Cocken said. “And we had many UK fabricators travel to Nuremburg to see what products and technology is in the pipeline, and what opportunities will be available in the years to come.

“A key conversation point for many of them was sustainability, and how they were looking for suppliers who can complete the journey that stretches from the architect to the homeowner via suppliers, manufacturers, and the installer.

“As a result, products such as the Smart-Slide neo, our next generation sliding door which promises Passive House standards of thermal performance and spans of up to 5m with just two panels, attracted a lot of attention at Fensterbau.”

Smart-Slide neo

Smart-Slide neo has a contemporary minimalist design with slim sightline lines. It can achieve widths up to 5m and a height of 2.5mm with just two panels, helping designers create desirable openings with limited visible profile.

Smart-Slide neo can be finished in all foil finishes, but the look of aludec or woodec foils is aluplast’s next generation of texture finishes for homeowners looking create a contemporary look to their home.

“The aluminium aesthetic remains popular, despite the fact that aluminium systems struggle to achieve low U-values without triple glazing,” Cocken said. “Which is why our aludec foil continues to generate interest.

“Not only does it achieve that warm matt finish that you expect from aluminium, but it comes with extra protective surface layers that helps maintain the finish for longer, and makes it easier to clean.

“This means window fabricators can achieve that aluminium aesthetic in a modern extremely thermally efficient PVC-U system.

“We’ll be exhibiting our extended aludec and woodec ranges at the FIT Show in May 2025, alongside new window systems that promise thermal performances beyond anything currently on the market.”


aluplast’s manufacturing processes are certified to the environmental standard ISO5001, and the company has led the industry with ecotech, where the company extrudes recycled and virgin material through two separate feeds into one die to create a profile that has virgin walls, where the recycled element is isolated within the inner profile webbing.

This maximises strength and appearance, while significantly reducing the company’s impact on the environment.

FIT Show event director Nickie West said: “We’re excited to welcome aluplast back to FIT Show, hot-off-the-heels of their amazing showcase at Fensterbau. We know that there is a strong appetite among our fabricator and manufacturing visitor audience for sustainable systems, which makes the addition of aluplast to the lineup more relevant than ever. 

“We’re excited to see what they have planned for our visitors and look forward to revealing more as part of our FIT Show 2025 campaign over the coming months.”

Cocken concluded: “Our window designs are moving with the times, and we cannot wait to exhibit our new products at the FIT Show in May 2025.”

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