The future starts today


What does a modern fabricator look like? We talked to Affordable Windows Systems’ Head of Marketing Amelia Gaughan and Sales Manager Ryan Fisher to find out.

The long-term view

As we enter the second quarter of 2023, the market for windows and doors in the UK still remains reasonably buoyant, despite the warnings of a downturn – even a recession. “I think the market has remained reasonably robust,” Ian Cocken, aluplast’s Director of Sales and Marketing, says, “even if there are challenges that have […]

Niche but flexible

Flush windows by aluplast

How do you invest in high margin products without unnecessarily tying up money in stock. We talk to Ian Cocken, Director of Sales and Marketing at aluplast, to find out more. As we moved from 2021 into 2022, we also ended an almost unprecedented period of high demand as restrictions were lifted following the pandemic. […]

Are heritage windows a thing of the past?

Is it too late to benefit from the heritage flush sash market? We talk to Ian Cocken, Director of Sales and Marketing at aluplast, to find out more. The Installer: There was a lot of talk about heritage projects a few years ago. Is this still an area worth investing in? Ian Cocken: It is […]

A genuine ali alternative

Once viewed as a casualty of the impressive success of the bi-fold door, the slider is now winning the popular vote. And with very good reason, according to aluplast’s Director of Sales and Marketing Ian Cocken. If you were to launch the PVC-U sliding patio today, as an alternative to the potentially bulky expensive aluminium […]

Did Part L go far enough?

Managing Director of aluplast in the UK Keith White, asks if Part L revisions should have been made tighter? Did Part L of the building regulations go far enough? Summer 2022’s revisions of Pat L introduced a new requirement for new build windows and doors (with a glazed area of more than 60%) to achieve […]