Arcoframe partners with aluplast as preferred supplier

St Helens-based profile bending expert Arcoframe recently chose Aluplast as a preferred profile supplier for its arched frames and round windows. 

“We work with all systems,” explained Director Jonathan Hill. “We’ve been manufacturing arched frames, angled frames and flush sash frames for our customers for more than 20 years now, and we regularly work with all profile types that our customers bring us.

“But on those jobs where a profile hasn’t been specified, we have chosen aluplast as our preferred supplier because it best suits our needs.”

Arcoframe stocks large quantities of profile from all the leading systems companies to help turn orders round quickly. More than 30 highly trained people work from a 20,000ft2 site in St Helens, and completed products are distributed nationally.

Jonathan explained one of the attractions of aluplast profile is that it can be bent to a smaller radius than most other profiles, which gives the company greater flexibility when meeting their customers’ specifications.

“Also, once the frame is welded together, we can polish it out much more successfully,” Jonathan said. “We polish by hand, and with aluplast it’s just a seamless finish.

“Our customers are driving for that perfect frame every time, so we’ve got to keep our standards high to meet and exceed their expectations.”

Window profiles are shaped by first placing them in an oven. Once at the right temperature, it is placed into formers, removed from the oven and clamped into the desired position. Once cooled, it can be used as part of a larger project.

“We win and maintain customers because we can make some bends in large frames without welding.” Jonathan said. “This gives a smooth finish all the way around the arch with no surface variation whatsoever.”

Jonathan said the move to higher value projects, and the interest in bespoke designs, has helped grow the business even as the market has slowed overall.

“As a company, sales have increased 15% every year over the last five years,” he said. “I think the industry as a whole has dropped off slightly these last couple of years, but we have gained customers over that period which has helped our growth.

“We see more colours and foiled profiles being ordered more than white frames now, so that’s also helped us to grow the business over the last five to ten years.

“We are also seeing a greater interest in sustainability, which is another reason we decided to partner with aluplast. Their ecotech recycled content, which sits in the core of the profile, is very responsive to being bent and formed, which in turn helps us win business where sustainability is a critical element.”

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