Aluplast-Icons-100-Efficiency  Energy efficiency

With thermally efficient triple-glazed and double-glazed glass options our aluplast energy efficient windows and doors will make your home warmer whatever the weather and help you to reduce your energy bills and save money.


Aluplast-Icons-100-Security  Security

Peace of mind is everything and we engineer it in. High security windows and doors manufactured from aluplast systems feature reinforcements and fully integrated multipoint window and door locking mechanisms.

Aluplast-Icons-100-Colour  Style

Our elegant and fully sculptured provides are available in almost any finish and colour you can imagine but are still low maintenance. This includes traditional timber woodgrains, painted woodgrains to flat aluminium greys.


Aluplast-Icons-100-Environment  Environment

We’re committed to manufacturing ever more energy efficient windows and doors but also doing it sustainably. This includes reprocessing end-of-life products to turn them into raw materials for use in a new generation of energy efficient products.