Sales of foiled product more than double for Active Windows

Posted On 21-09-27

Active Windows has reported that the volume of foiled product that it is manufacturing and installing has doubled over the last 12 months, thanks to the choice and availability of foils from its system supplier, aluplast.

The Washington based company, which has been servicing retail customers across the Northeast of the UK for over 10 years, has enjoyed a 50% increase in overall sales with 35% of total order volume now optioned with a foiled finish.

Norman Wood, Managing Director, Active Windows, said: “The strength of supply we enjoy from aluplast has allowed us to sell confidently on colour. It’s given us a massive advantage.

“Anthracite Grey is the most popular option at the moment, but homeowners are sitting on lots of savings, they are keen to push the boat out and they want something different – we are well positioned to give them that, especially with the new woodec and aludec finishes.”

As part of aluplast’s comprehensive range of 40 different finishes, the next generation woodec and aludec foils are designed to accurately replicate the look and feel of real timber and aluminium.

Active Windows MD, Norman Wood

Aluplast also offers a selection of standard colours, available off the shelf, that include Anthracite Grey, Agate Grey and a grey substrate.

“In the past, we would have normally had to wait as long as six weeks for foils, but since switching to aluplast, that is no longer the case, we can order standard coloured foil and expect them on very competitive lead times,” said Norman. “The overall quality of the aluplast Ideal 70 system is also highly beneficial.

“You need good product in order to be successful when selling directly into the retail market, in order to avoid the trap of selling on price or doing silly deals,” he continued.

“When it came to reviewing our system supply, the quality of Ideal 70 immediately stood apart from the competition, the decision was a no brainer.’

Ideal 70’s fully sculptured, highly energy efficient five chamber profile offers an A+ WER rating and can be manufactured to PAS24 and Secured by Design specifications. Available as standard with aluplast’s ‘green’ ecotech system, which features recycled material isolated within the core of the profile, Ideal 70 is supplied with a 10-year guarantee.

“Partnering with aluplast has allowed us to be more than just another window company,” concluded Norman. “We’ve enjoyed a lot of success over the last 12 months and we are looking to expand our offer to include the new Smart-Slide patio door and Flush Sash. We’re excited for the future!”

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