aluplast upgrades flush casement offering

Posted On 21-07-13

aluplast has unveiled an upgraded version of its flush casement, further enhancing its aesthetic appeal as well as introducing improved manufacturing efficiencies.

Featuring even slimmer sightlines, the latest offering is also easier and faster to fabricate, the result of research and development by aluplast that has simplified the process of hardware and gasket application.

With a choice of standard and heritage deep bottom rail, and with options for mechanical jointing, aluplast’s flush sash is suitable for a wide range of period and contemporary properties and is available in the system company’s full range of 40 finishes.

This includes aludec, the next generation foil that is designed to accurately replicate the appearance of aluminium, and woodec, which is available in four ultra-life-like woodgrains; Turner Oak Malt, Sheffield Oak Alpine, Sheffield Oak Concrete and Toffee.

It is also compatible with ecotech, aluplast’s ‘green’ solution that isolates recycled material away from structural elements of the profile. ecotech’s co-extrusion process means that smooth, virgin material is used for the surface walls of the profile, ensuring a stable substrate for foils.

aluplast’s flush sash is available with options for mechanical jointing

“We have enjoyed a considerable amount of traction in the marketplace with our flush casement, and the improvements that the new version brings will build on that success,” said Ian Cocken, Director of Sales and Marketing, aluplast.

“Consumer demand for premium products, such as flush casements, and also for colour has never been higher. Our flush sash brings a whole new level of attention to detail and design flexibility with its aesthetics. On the one hand it can be with specified with an aluminium style finish, such as aludec or a flat anthracite grey, for a clean and contemporary finish,” he added.

“Or, if you apply a 90o mechanical joint, with a deep bottom rail, dedicated hardware and one of our timber effect woodec foils, you can recreate the appearance of a 19th century window – but with all the advantages of a modern, energy efficient PVC system.

“And while its aesthetics, foiling options and compatibility with ecotech make it extremely popular with installers, the design improvements we have made to the latest version of our flush sash make it an even more attractive proposition for fabricators as well.”

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