Selling on colour and quality

Posted On 21-05-25

“We have tripled our output on foiled product, but we couldn’t have done this without the strength of supply we have had from aluplast,” says Brian Ennis, Managing Director, Evolve Window Systems.

“I’ve seen quite a bit of disruption across the industry, with manufacturers struggling to get foils from their supplier but we have maintained a relatively high level of stock.

“We’ve actually gained business on the strength of our colour offering,” he continues. “We’ve had customers approach us, who have been let down by their existing fabricator, asking us if we can supply foiled product. They’d been told to wait as long as 8-10 weeks elsewhere, but we have been able to supply it without those delays.”

Evolve Window Systems was formed in September 2018 and made the switch to aluplast after its previous system supplier went into administration. Since then, the Liverpool based company ­– which supplies to a mix of retail and trade customers across Merseyside ­– has enjoyed three consecutive years of growth.

“I would say that demand for foiled product has grown to the point where around 50% of our output is foiled,” explains Brian. “The increase is massive, especially compared to when I started. Back then, there was no such thing as grey, it was either white or Rosewood!

“Through aluplast we are now able to supply colour options like smooth anthracite grey, on a grey substrate, off the shelf – and finishes like woodec and aludec are outstanding. They help to give us a real level of exclusivity.”

Thanks to a huge investment in foiling lines and in CNC foiling technology, aluplast offers high levels of foiled stock ‘on the ground’ in the UK, with competitive 20-day lead times on bespoke options. Its range extends to 40 different foiling options, including woodec, its next generation foil that is designed to look and feel as a good as genuine timber, and aludec, which accurately replicates the appearance of aluminium.

Evolve Windows MD, Brian Ennis

According to Brian, the fact that Evolve has been so well placed to respond to demand for colour is an important factor to the company’s growth, but he also points out that its success is due to the fact it has established itself as a manufacturer that prioritises quality over quantity.

“I am from a manufacturing background, I’ve been in the business for over 20 years,” he explains. “During that time I’ve used multiple PVC systems, so it would be fair to say that I know a good one when I see it!

“We are not set up to do big volume, to churn out 2,000 frames a week, our focus is very much on quality. We put a lot of care and attention to detail into what we produce, we’re proud of what comes out of the factory,” he continues. “The quality of the aluplast system works for us as a business model. It is a German company, its systems are a product of German engineering and we sell off the back of that, much in the same way that you would sell a BMW over a Ford or Vauxhall.

“Ultimately, that’s reflected in our customer base, we don’t tend to do much work with installers who think a window is just a window,” he adds. “Those that do come to us, appreciate that they are getting a product that is a level above the cheap and cheerful that’s available elsewhere, as it means they can target a more discerning customer in turn.”

Brian adds that while Evolve is currently manufacturing with aluplast’s Ideal 70 suit, he also has a close eye on the system company’s Smart-Slide patio and new flush casement.

Smart-Slide is aluplast’s next-generation, 70mm PVC-U sliding patio that has been designed from the ground up to be technically superior to any other PVC patio door on the market. Capable of spanning 4.5m X 2.5m with just a sliding sash and a fixed panel, it is tested to PAS24 as standard. It’s contemporary aesthetics and compatibility with aluplast’s range of foils, presenting it as a genuine alternative to more expensive aluminium systems.

aluplast’s flush sash, which comes with a choice of standard and heritage deep bottom rail and options for mechanical jointing, is also available in aluplast’s full range of finishes and is suitable for both heritage and contemporary applications as a result.

“We are taking a serious look at the flush casement, it looks like a really well considered product,” says Brian. “Smart-Slide is also a big interest, it gives our customers an exciting alternative to aluminium and it’s an easier option for us a manufacturer as well.”

“Both are products that we are keen to introduce in the future, but we will need to invest to accommodate them,” he concludes. “For now, we are concentrating on providing the best possible service to our customers and making sure we keep up with demand. Thanks to the strength of supply and quality of product we enjoy with aluplast, we are in an excellent position to do just that.”

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