aludec – better than the real thing?

Posted On 21-03-26

“Record levels of activity in the retail sector, and the continuing increase in popularity of aluminium have meant that PVC-U fabricators are finding themselves under increasing pressure to expand their product range to include an aluminium bi-fold, patio door or even a window,” says Ian Cocken, Director of Sales and Marketing, aluplast.

“Traditionally, there are two ways in which they can respond to this demand. Firstly, they can outsource to another supplier. Buying in aluminium is, in theory at least, a relatively hassle-free solution and one that ensures that a customer is retained. The downside of course is that they will be losing out on margin. There is also the potential for a risk to reputation as well, if a trade supply partner lets you down.

“The second option for PVC-U fabricators is to bite the bullet and bring aluminium manufacture in-house,” continues Cocken.

“That means making the space for additional production lines, and investing in machinery, training and time to get it all up and running,” he adds.

“There is, however, a third, much more convenient solution, one that gives PVC-U fabricators a simple, cost effective route into aluminium, without the need for the time consuming, expensive outlay on equipment or the potential headaches of dealing with a third-party supplier.”

“That’s with aludec, the next generation foil from aluplast that is almost indistinguishable from the real thing – it represents a genuine step-change in PVC-U foiling technology,” says Cocken.

aludec aluminium foil

aludec is a next generation foil that accurately replicates aluminium

The aludec range is available across aluplast’s core Ideal 70 and contemporary Ideal 4000 system as well as its flagship Smart-Slide inline sliding door and its new flush casement sash. It is offered in seven aluminium-effect finishes that include aludec anthracite grey; jet black; aludec DB703; basalt grey; umbra grey; window grey; and aludec traffic white.

“There is a perception, typically on more contemporary projects and especially ones that feature a large aperture for a bi-fold or a patio, that aluminium is the only material that can deliver on aesthetics and sizes, but that is no longer the case,” says Cocken.

“With aludec, combined for instance with Ideal 4000 or our new flush sash, installers can present homeowners with a product that look almost exactly the same, but one that also performs better in terms of energy efficiency and is also available at a much more appealing price point,” explains Cocken.

Smart thinking

“One of the most attractive propositions for aludec however, is when it is combined with Smart-Slide, as this is a product that is naturally encroaching into aluminium territory even before you get to a stage where any foils are applied,” says Cocken.

Designed from the ground up by aluplast to be technically superior to any other PVC-U patio door on the market, Smart-Slide can accommodate individual sash weights of up to 200kg. Offered with PAS24 approval as standard, high specification hardware ensures the operation of the doors is ultra smooth. It also lets users lock a sash in position at any point when part open, allowing for additional ventilation while also guaranteeing piece of mind that they remain secure.

“Smart-Slide boasts a number of market leading features, but it is its ability to span 4.5m with just two panes, or go as wide as 9m in a four panel configuration, that really helps to position it as a viable alternative to aluminium,” adds Cocken. “Combined with aludec Jet Black or aludec DB703, an option that replicates a powder coated finish, Smart-Slide really does become an enticing prospect, to the point where you would really be pushed to justify the additional

cost of a ‘real’ aluminium patio door.”

aludec is part of a comprehensive package of foils from aluplast and follows the introduction of woodec, the German system house’s ultra-life-like timber option that is available in three woodgrain finishes: Turner Oak Malt, a subtle light oak finish; Sheffield Oak Alpine, a silvered oak finish; and slightly darker, Sheffield Oak Concrete.

aluplast’s foil offering now extends to 40 finishes. Its standard foil options include Smooth Anthracite Grey, another aluminium look finish that is available on both interior and exterior surfaces and which can also be combined with a grey substrate, supplied from stock.

“We have invested huge amounts in our foiling lines and technology to deliver quality of product but also stability in supply,” concludes Cocken. “This means that, unlike other PVC-U system companies, we maintain high levels of stock, and we operate on fast lead times.

“That’s a big advantage for our customers, and an even bigger incentive for them to capitalise on any potential opportunities to steal sales that would have previously been ‘reserved’ for aluminium.

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