aluplast redefines the PVC-U patio with 4.5m wide two-panel inline sliding door

Posted On 20-06-18

aluplast has extended the reach of inline PVC-U sliding doors with the launch of its new Smart-Slide door, which can be manufactured to span openings of 4.5m – with just two-panels.

The 70mm dedicated inline patio door system also employs a highly innovative operating mechanism with soft close technology and enhanced weather sealing and security.

Smart-Slide challenges aluminium systems, delivering the enhanced thermal performance of a PVC-U offer

Fully tested to PAS24, this includes the ability to lock the sash at any point of opening, allowing end-users to open it for ventilation while still securing a part-open sash.

Ian Cocken, Director of Sales and Marketing, aluplast, said Smart-Slide creates a unique opportunity to add margin at point of retail.

“This is an inline sliding patio door that can be manufactured to up to 4.5m wide with a single sash and fixed light, far exceeding the reach of any other PVC-U patio door on the market.

“The design flexibility that this delivers plus finish choice and operating mechanism, moves Smart-Slide into a space where it can either be sold head-to-head against aluminium bi-folding doors– but delivering far better levels of performance and energy efficiency, and at a lower price point; or also up-sell against other PVC-U patio doors.

“The opportunities to add margin are, either way, immense.”

Smart-Slide can be fabricated to maximum sash sizes are 2m wide by 2.5m high for a sliding sash and 2.5m wide for a fixed panel. This means it can be manufactured as a two-panel door up to 4.5m wide.

This can be extended even further in a four-panel configuration with two centre sliders operating on the inside or outside of two fixed panels to 9m. Maximum individual sash weights are a heavy-hitting 200kg.

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Smart-Slide can span 4.5m in only two panels, delivering new design reach

Eliminating the requirement for brush seals, the system can be opened and closed creating little to no resistance, making operation ultra-smooth.

The interconnected relationship between the Roto locking mechanism and weather seals when the door is closed guarantees a weathertight seal. This includes testing to BS6375, while it achieves a DER of up to A+ dependent on glass specification.

Smart-Slide is also available in a range of finishes including aluplast’s next generation woodgrain foil, Woodec and aluskin, it’s aluminium external cladding system, plus a grey substrate option.

“From the end-user perspective this door has everything”, continued Cocken. “Homeowners want maximum glazed area, minimal effort in operation, advanced energy efficiency, security, and flexibility in design and finish.

“Smart-Slide can be manufactured to up to 9m. It can match aluminium. It’s PAS24 – as standard – it can be finished in aluminium or any number of foils – including Anthracite Grey on grey substrate from stock -its far more energy efficient, it features soft-closing technology.

“It creates the perfect platform for installers – sell Smart-Slide against aluminium at lower cost; or upsell against PVC-U. Simple tot fit, simple to manufacture – either way it creates value throughout the supply chain.”



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